01/18/2012 02:56 am ET Updated Mar 18, 2012

'Teen Mom 2': Is Jenelle Evans 'Strung Out' on Weed? (VIDEO)

Jenelle Evans has been having trouble with the law for the past couple of years, and she's been arrested twice in the past week. While it isn't clear when this week's installment of "Teen Mom 2" (Tue., 10 p.m. EST on MTV) was shot, it's certainly possible that Evans' admission that she likes to smoke weed every day was linked to her arrest for failing a drug test in August 2011, violating her probation.

Last week, in real time outside of the show, Evans was busted for making harassing phone calls, and this week it's reportedly for violating a restraining order. The latest incident could reportedly see Evans face 75 days in jail.

Her antics outside the show certainly put into perspective the wild path she's finding herself on, adding sympathy to the side of her beleagured mother. Jenelle seemed out of touch with reality when she told her mother, "You might have Jace, you might have work. I have to find a job. I have to go back to college. I gotta pass my classes and bills and all this and that."

"But I did not choose to have a baby at 57," her mother responded. "You chose to have the baby and you put all the responsibility on me."

After this reality check, Evans responded with blind anger and what seemed like a desperate need to leave and go smoke some marijuana. Add that to her list of responsibilities that are clearly stressing her out.

She also decided to move out again, this time with an actual place to life established, and Kieffer waiting in the wings, as detailed in HuffPost TV's full recap of the episode.

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