01/18/2012 12:49 pm ET

WPA Public Service Art Posters: Flipping Through The Archives (PHOTOS)

If you're still searching for that perfect New Year's resolution, the Library of Congress archives have a few suggestions for you. They recently made available a selection of WPA public service arts posters from 75 years ago, back when the arts were still considered a public service. The WPA Poster Collection holds 907 posters, made from 1936 to 1943. According to the Library of Congress, they were made to "publicize exhibits, community activities, theatrical productions, and health and educational programs in seventeen states and the District of Columbia, with the strongest representation from California, Illinois, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania."

We've selected 11 of these posters that offer worthy goals to aspire to, from the small (brushing your teeth) to the large (see America). You can head to Flickr to see more.

All images courtesy of the Library of Congress.