01/19/2012 11:46 am ET

Colbert Approval Rating Strong Despite South Carolina Moms (VIDEO)

South Carolina moms have spoken, and they've got one word to describe Stephen Colbert: Dandy.

Not the good adjective version, as in, "Stephen Colbert is a dandy fellow," but the bad noun version, as in, "That Colbert fellow is a bit of a dandy."

But who cares? Colbert has a 36% approval rating in South Carolina, more than any of the real GOP candidates on the primary ballot.

But words can hurt even the strongest of us. After revealing the shocking results of a focus group of South Carolina moms who had a less favorable view of the "Report" host than their other constituents, that 36% approval rating was cold comfort.

Colbert then fired back at the focus group, "I believe that South Carolina moms are a coven of shrieking bitches."

Watch the whole clip above and let us know if you think that momentary lack of discretion makes Colbert look less presidential (or more so).