01/19/2012 03:08 pm ET

Courtney Love Wins Case Against Landlord: Singer Will Not Be Evicted From West Village Townhouse

Good news for for Courtney Love -- the singer and sometimes actress will not be evicted from her West Village townhouse.

TMZ reports a judge actually tossed out her landlord Donna Lyon's case, because it turns out Courtney has been a good tenant after all.

Lyon's filed the eviction suit in December, claiming the singer owed her $54,000 for two months of back rent, but the judge ruled the landlord had no claim. According to TMZ, Love and Lyons had made an agreement after the lease was signed that changed the payment schedule, but Lyons was still trying to enforce the schedule written in the lease.

Lyons also claimed in the lawsuit that Love had violated the lease by redecorating and noted a small fire had broken out under Love's watch. The judge didn't seem concerned because Courtney gets to stay.

The 47-year-old performer also recently announced that she's getting back into acting:

I'm starting films again! All I can say is thank you, Ronnie Meyer for your priceless mitzvah and Brian Lourd for your priceless advice. The next step will be to meet my agent. This time, no agent hopping, no listening to upper class boyfriends trying to tame me into "Mrs. Senator Wasp." I can't call someone my agent until we've shaken hands. All these endless, "You were so great in Larry Flynt" leave me cold. I'll talk about why I "resigned" from film in 2001 some other time.

Check out photos of Courtney Love's beautiful West Village townhouse and even more photos at xojane.com

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