01/19/2012 02:50 pm ET Updated Jan 21, 2012

Franny & Sofia's Newscast: Brooklyn's Cutest Anchors (VIDEO)

You may think you've read all the news you need to for the day. But you'd be wrong.

Sure, you know about Rick Perry. You've read up on SOPA. You're up to date on Stephen Colbert's latest antics. But you haven't really gotten all the news you need until you've watched "The News With Franny & Sofia."

Straight out of Brooklyn comes this cute and simple YouTube video featuring the aforementioned Franny and Sofia offering Monday's weather, a hard-hitting report on a fallen billboard on the BQE, and a "Yepidoodles" for good measure.

It's an adorable news report in under a minute. What more could you want?

Via Buzzfeed