01/19/2012 04:39 pm ET

George DeGrazio's Body Went Unnoticed For Five Days Because No One Had The Key To Restroom

A police report says no one had the key to the restroom where a deceased man who went missing was found.

Neither the theater, nor its cleaning staff had it, the 21-page report says.

George DeGrazio, 66, went missing for about five days before Cinemark theater workers noticed an odor coming from the locked bathroom stall and forced it open. Larimer County Deputy Coroner James MacNaughton told the Associated Press that DeGrazio likely died on about Jan. 9 from a heart attack.

While DeGrazio's car was discovered in the Cinemark parking lot shortly after he went missing, police didn't find anything else after trying to get theater employees to help search.

From 7News:

On Jan. 12, a detective talked with a manager of the theater and asked if employees had checked all the theaters in the movie complex to make sure DeGrazio was not sleeping in one of them. The manager told the detective that the theaters had been searched. Police left a driver's license photo of DeGrazio, asking an assistant manager to contact them if the missing man was seen.

The family had reported him missing the same day DeGrazio went to theater to see "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" at the Fort Collins theater without telling anyone.

"We didn't have any ideas. We didn't know if he had a stroke, became confused, wandered off, fell into a ditch and froze," DeGrazio's son Dylan DeGrazio told 9News.

Five of Cinemark's employees have been placed on leave while the theater says it's conducting its own internal investigation.