01/19/2012 03:45 pm ET

Glen Davis Pulls Down Shorts: 'Big Baby' Earns Technical Foul In Magic-Spurs Game (VIDEO)

I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure nobody has received a technical foul for doing what Glen "Big Baby" Davis did in Orlando's overtime loss to San Antonio on Wednesday.

Late in the third quarter, Tony Parker got the ball in the corner and Spurs forward Richard Jefferson used a pick near the top of the key to free himself as he attacked the basket. The All-Star point guard found his teammate with an alley-oop pass, but a foul was called on Davis as he tried to defend the shot.

After the ball somehow found its way through the hoop for an and-one, Davis approached the referee and expressed his disappointment... by pulling down his shorts. One more whistle blew as the former Boston Celtics big man earned himself a technical foul.

We're not sure why Davis would react that way, but it seems like this incident is more justification for his nickname.