01/19/2012 05:20 am ET Updated Mar 20, 2012

'Happy Endings': Brad Rejects Jane Changing Him, Reverts to 'Blackass' College Persona (VIDEO)

After Jane advised Penny to mold a guy she was seeing into her version of a perfect man, using how much she's changed Brad as an example, Brad decided to rebel against her on "Happy Endings" (Wed., 9:30 p.m. EST on ABC). In doing so, he gave viewers a glimpse into the crazy man he used to be, and immediately showed how much fun a flashback episode to those days would be.

Apparently, back in college Brad was none too pleased that there wasn't an African-American version of "Jackass," so he created his own: "Blackass."

And since "New Brad" had been replaced by "Old Brad" today, he gathered up some of his old college cohorts for a classic "Blackass" stunt in his apartment. The SnackPack Mousetrap Front Flip consists of jumping off of a trampoline and landing on a small target of pudding SnackPacks surrounded by a massive ring of mousetraps.

Brad nailed the landing, making 'Blackass' history -- and honestly, there's no reason this show wouldn't have worked -- only to lose his cool when Jane arrives home and saw what was going on. The subsequent fall into the mousetraps may have been expected, but Damon Wayans, Jr. proved he could manage physical comedy as well as his father or anyone.

After a reminder of who she used to be in college, Jane realized that Brad wasn't the only one who'd been changed by their relationship. And so she got decked out in her best Gwen Stefani gear from those days in order to remind Brad of how far they'd come, and to apologize for making out like he was the only one who'd needed to grow up.

"Happy Endings" airs every Wednesday night at 9:30 p.m. EST on ABC.

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