01/19/2012 06:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

HUFFPOST FUNDRACE - Obama Relect Big TV Debut

The President's first major ad buy of his reelection campaign hits back against the Koch funded Americans for Prosperity (AFP) ad targeting the president for the government loan to the failed solar energy company Solyndra. According to HuffPost's Sam Stein, "But a top Obama aide told The Huffington Post earlier in the week that the purpose of the ad campaign is to push back against attacks on the president that are being launched by third-party groups, which have been homing in on Obama's energy policies." [HuffPost]

The ad also signals the changing landscape in politics post-Citizens United with the rise of super PACs and social welfare nonprofits. Obama isn't responding to the Republican Party, but to a nonprofit that is expected to spend tens of millions of dollars to oppose his campaign. It's almost as if the Republican Party organization is playing second fiddle to these independent groups.

More on that AFP ad: According to ad buy data collected by Fundrace, AFP purchased $151,720 worth of air time on broadcast stations in Charlotte, N.C., the site of this year's Democratic convention.

Perry's out. And his super PAC is going with him. Oh yeah, we never did learn who was funding that super PAC. That waits until January 31.

The DSCC is organizing (and raising money) for an effort to reverse the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling by amending the Constitution. [HuffPost]

A coalition of groups is pressuring the SEC to order companies to disclose their political spending in an effort to push more disclosure into the post-Citizens United campaign finance system. [HuffPost]

The Boston Phoenix' David Bernstein considers a way that Crossroads GPS could blow up the deal struck between Sen. Scott Brown and his opponent Elizabeth Warren on keeping outside groups out of Massachusetts.

"How long can the few remaining election laws withstand the tide of big money, ushering in a system of total deregulation?" That's the question Eliza Newlin Carney looks into in this column. [Roll Call]

From the Twitter: @chucktodd More proof the general election has begun? Our ad trackers tell us AFSCME has placed an 800K buy in FL for duration of primary.

Does California boast a model for proper super PAC disclosure? [Mercury News]

Two interactive tools to play around with: ProPublica's super PAC spending tracker and this Mother Jones interactive on how the Republican Governor's Association shifts money around to hide donor identities.

Don't forget to check out the first four parts of HuffPost's five-part series on Stephen Colbert and how he explains campaign finance to America. Come back every day this week for more. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)


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Committee: Barack Obama for President
Spot: "The Facts About President Obama's Energy Record" -- In their first ad of the cycle the Obama reelection campaign responds to attacks from the conservative Americans for Prosperity. This ad defends the president's record on ethics and energy policy by touting an increase in energy jobs and decrease in dependence on foreign oil. The ad ends by saying, "President Obama, kept his promise toughen ethics rules and strengthen America's energy economy."
Link: [http://youtu.be/sq3GGwgV7R0]
Market: WI, OH, VA, MI, NC (probably more).
Buy: ~$2 million.

Committee: Newt Gingrich for President
Candidate opposed: Mitt Romney
Spot: "Desperate" -- The Gingrich campaign uses quotes from Romney's 2008 Republican opponents stating that Romney is a dirty campaigner who frequently attacks his opponents. The quotes come from John McCain, who has endorsed Romney, and Mike Huckabee.
Link: [http://youtu.be/uHapuEmt2xw]
Market: South Carolina
Buy: Undisclosed.

Committee: Newt Gingrich for President
Spot: "It's Agreed...Newt's Right" -- In this funny video the Gingrich campaign strings together all the times that his opponents said the he was right at GOP debates.
Link: [http://youtu.be/y2aIDSIaCPk]
Market: Unknown.
Buy: Undisclosed.

Committee: Newt Gingrich for President
Spot: "Daughters" -- In this ad Gingrich's daughters praise their father.
Link: [http://youtu.be/YycYE6oHw5A]
Market: Unknown.
Buy: Undisclosed.

Committee: Winning Our Future
Candidate opposed: Mitt Romney
Spot: "Obama's Dream Debate" -- In this Taiwanese news animation parody the pro-Gingrich super PAC imagines what a debate between Romney and Obama would look like. It doesn't go well for animated Romney.
Link: [http://youtu.be/mv078A36t7Y]
Market: Unknown.
Buy: Undisclosed.

Committee: Winning Our Future
Candidate opposed: Mitt Romney
Spot: "Think You Know Mitt?" -- The pro-Gingrich super PAC uses video of Mitt Romney from 2002 stating, unequivocally, that he supported Massachusett's pro-choice laws and he would do everything he could, as governor, to protect them. The ad really zeroes in on one quote where Romney states that teenagers seeking an abortion can go around their parents by obtaining an order from a judge. The direct quote, "If a parent doesn't go along, one can go to a judge or justice to get that permission." This fits nicely with Gingrich's anti-judge rhetoric.
Link: [http://youtu.be/r1EUeFEQm1A]
Market: South Carolina.
Buy: Undisclosed.


These numbers represent spending by independent groups, like super PACs and non-profits, to support or oppose a particular candidate for the presidency in 2012. Fundrace will update this spending daily to help show which candidates are gaining from the proliferation of independent groups in this coming election.

Newt Gingrich (R), $996,282 to support, $10,353,519 to oppose. (+$1,546,904)
Mitt Romney (R), $1,247,010 to support, $3,327,929 to oppose. (Support: +$214,337, Oppose: $1,033)
Rick Perry (R), $3,964,824 to support, $0 to oppose.
Ron Paul (R), $3,250,831 to support, $165,339 to oppose.
Jon Huntsman (R), $2,453,204 to support, $0 to oppose.
Rick Santorum (R), $1,810,519 to support, $444,355 to oppose. (Support: +$97,888, Oppose: +$83,271)
Barack Obama (D), $18,517 to support, $611,797 to oppose.
Herman Cain (R), $486,717 to support, $0 to oppose. (+$24,500)
Gary Johnson (R), $518 to support, $0 to oppose.


Americans for Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, $24,500 to support Herman Cain for President in South Carolina. (see here for details)
Fidelis, $5,000 to support Rick Santorum for President in South Carolina.
Red White And Blue Fund, $92,888 to support Rick Santorum for President in South Carolina.
Restore Our Future, $7,649 to oppose Newt Gingrich for President in South Carolina.
Restore Our Future, $214,377 to support Mitt Romney for President in Florida.
Restore Our Future, $83,271 to oppose Rick Santorum for President in Florida.
Restore Our Future, $1,539,255 to oppose Newt Gingrich for President in Florida.
Right to Life/Oregon, $10,301 to support Rob Cornilles for Congress in Oregon's First District.
DGA Action, $1,033 to oppose Mitt Romney for President.
FreedomWorks, $13,562 to support Ted Cruz for Senate in Texas.


TEAPAC, Kalamazoo, Mich., Treasurer: Wendy Mazer.

Send tips, hints, submissions, rumors to HuffPost Fundrace at paulblumenthal@huffingtonpost.com.