01/19/2012 12:15 pm ET Updated Mar 20, 2012

Man Stuffs 38 T-Shirts In A Microwave To Break World Record (VIDEO)

How far will some people go for greatness? How about 38 t-shirts?

That's how many it took for Orrin Gilkison of Lakeland, Fla., to set a new world record for "Most T-shirts Stuffed Into A Microwave."

In the process, Gilkison broke the previous record of 33 shirts set in November, 2011, by Art Hoffman of Louisville, Ky.

Stuffing shirts in a microwave isn't easy, especially because they must all be adult-sized and the door on the microwave must close fully without any excess fabric hanging outside the door seal.

As a reward for setting this all-important shirt-stuffing record, Gilkison is getting a patch from, the agency that certified this and other weird world records, such as the one recently set by Mark Joules of London, England, for "Most Toasted Marshmallows Stuck On One Face" by sticking 50 on his mug.

Those aren't the only weird world records being set these days. For more check out the gallery below.

Weird World Records