01/19/2012 05:35 pm ET Updated Jan 20, 2012

Ohio Prison Worker Fired After Posting Facebook Comments About John Kasich

An Ohio prison guard has lost his job because of comments he made on Facebook about the state's governor.

According to the Middletown Journal, the Lebanon Correctional Institution fired prison guard Jessie Hubbard on Tuesday for a post he made to his personal Facebook account about Gov. John Kasich (R).

Hubbard's termination notice stated that he wrote, "Ok we got Bin Laden ... let's go get Kasich next. Who's with me?" on his Facebook page.

The notice did not say when the message was posted but only that an internal investigation was launched after the comment was brought to its attention.

The prison wrote that his posting violated several rules of conduct including threatening, intimidating or coercing another employee or a member of the general public. It could also, the institution argued, impair his ability to perform his job as a guard and tarnish the reputation of the prison.

Hubbard plans to appeal his termination.

Kasich signed into law the state's controversial collective bargaining bill last year, which was overturned by voters in November. The law led to a tumultuous relationship between the first-term governor and public employees' unions. Kasich aligned legislators are expected to reintroduce popular parts of the law -- including increase pay-in for health benefits -- this year.

The move to reintroduce parts of the unpopular union law has been long expected, with analysts predicting Kasich and his allies would make the proposal even before the original law was voted down.