01/19/2012 12:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Regis Philbin Appears On 'Today,' Plays Game With Kathie Lee Gifford's Mom (VIDEO)

Hoda leaves for one day and chaos ensues!

During Thursday's fourth hour of "Today," Kathie Lee Gifford's Mom, Joanie, filled in as guest host. Gifford's close pal Regis Philbin was also on set to participate in all the fun.

During one particularly ridiculous segment that looked more like a "Saturday Night Live" sketch than the actual fourth hour of "Today," Philbin and Gifford's mom competed against one another in a game titled "Who Knows Me Better?" Who was the "me" in question you ask? Gifford, of course!

"Very few people know me as well as the two of you do," Gifford told her two contestants, just before she started quizzing them on her drink of choice, her marriage, her kids, and more. "Does anybody really care?!" Regis yelled, in response to more than one question.

Viewers learned a few fun (and awkward) facts about Gifford, her mom, and Philbin throughout the game. Besides the fact that the two contestants barely answered one question correctly, Gifford revealed that she once had a dog named Regis, whose ashes currently sit on a bookshelf in her home.


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