01/19/2012 02:12 pm ET Updated Sep 03, 2012

'The Finder' Cast Talks Missions, Guest Stars & What's Next (VIDEO)

Calling all "Bones" fans. Hart Hanson's latest show, "The Finder," a "Bones" spin-off of sorts, didn't get such a warm welcome when it premiered last week (Thursdays, 9 p.m. EST on Fox).

The show follows Walter Sherman (Geoff Stults), a vet with a brain injury that gives him an epic case of one-track-mindedness. His mission? To find things ... all kinds of things, no matter where they are. (Translation: lots of gorgeous locations.) His team? Leo (Michael Clarke Duncan), the heavy, the sidekick and the money man; Willa (Maddie Hasson), the gypsy kid with all sorts of sneaky skills who's been sentenced to work at Walter and Leo's "office," i.e. an old dive bar; and Deputy U.S. Marshal Isabel Zambada (Mercedes Masohn), who calls on the crew from time to time, and has a major flirtation with Walter. Naturally.

I'll admit I wasn't initially that compelled to tune in either, but the comedic stylings of the charming cast have convinced me to give it a shot. It also has the stamp of approval of The Huffington Post's Maureen Ryan, mostly because it has a taste of that witty, tongue-in-cheek banter that's made Booth and Brennan one of TV's favorite duos. And if you're after more "Bones"-iness, there's always the chance for more crossover -- this week, Dr. Lance Sweets ("Bones" star John Francis Daley) travels from D.C. to Miami to help the guys out.

I caught up with Stults, Duncan, Masohn and Hasson to find out what we'll learn about their characters in the coming weeks, some of the missions they'll be going on and the scoop about a few fun guest stars, including 50 Cent, Peta Wilson and Mario Van Peebles, who someone may or may not be making out with.

Watch the interview below!

"The Finder" airs Thursdays, 9 p.m. EST on Fox.