01/20/2012 05:23 pm ET

Avril Lavigne Nail Polish Collection Promises 'Sparkles,' 'Little Stars' (PHOTOS)

Hey hey you you! Your nails could use some sprucing.

Avril Lavigne, who already has her own clothing line, is set to launch her own nail polish line in conjunction with Sally Hansen. The pop singer, 27, will be releasing a limited-edition collection of those Salon Effects self-adhesive nail strips. (You know, the ones that are like stickers of dried nail polish? Yeah, those.)

The full collection is set to be out in April 2012, but for ardent Avril fans, we've got a few photos of some of the strips. Two words: LEOPARD PRINT.

"The designs that I came up with are my personal style and vibe - they're rock 'n' roll and fun and bright and colorful. You have sparkles and little stars - they are cute."

We're sure these stickers will be cute, but frankly, we'd rather see an Avri Lavigne eyeliner line first.

Check out a preview of Avril's new nail stickers below (and click over to WWD to see even more!), and also, check some other celebrity nail lines.