01/20/2012 06:31 pm ET

Christina Ricci Is Obsessed With Reality TV (VIDEO)

The fate of Christina Ricci's show "Pan Am" may be unclear, but whatever ABC decides to do with the '60s airline drama, Ricci will be watching of plenty of TV. As she confessed to the ladies of "The Talk" (weekdays on CBS), she is "totally obsessed" with reality TV. Sharon Osbourne, a reality TV icon herself from the days of "The Osbournes," seemed appalled by Ricci's taste in programming, until Julie Chen, the host of "Big Brother," playfully pointed out her hypocrisy. "Be nice about reality TV now, Mrs. O.," she joked.

Ricci described her reality TV tastes as, "Every kind of 'Housewife' I can watch ...If there's no 'Housewife' on Bravo, I will find the 'Mob Wives' on VH1, or we'll switch over to the 'Baseball Wives' that comes on after." When considering why she liked the shows so much, Ricci, who's been known for her dark sense of humor since she played Wednesday Addams at age eleven, explained, "It's a little base. I like bloodlust in a weird way." She closed out the segment by quipping that when she gets tired of the "Housewives" franchise's incessant drama and fighting, she clicks over to "Dance Moms" for something more uplifting.

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