01/20/2012 04:06 pm ET

Costa Concordia Amateur Video Shows Crew Announcing 'Go Back To Your Cabins'

Just moments before Costa Concordia Captain Francesco Schettino ordered a full-scale evacuation of the stricken cruise liner, a crew member urged guests to return to their cabins, according to amateur footage obtained by Italian state broadcaster, Rai TV.

The Daily Mail posted a translation of the video showing a female crew member addressing passengers gathered on a deck, most wearing life jackets in preparation to debark the ship.

"On behalf of our captain we cordially ask you to return to your cabins or if you like, wonder around the hall, it's up to you," the woman says, according to the Daily Mail translation. "There's nothing to worry about. We've managed to fix the problem we had with the electric generator. Everything is under control."

The footage was recorded around the time the ship's Captain Francesco Shettino had ordered dinner, less than an hour after the ship had run aground, according to the Mail. By then, the ship had tilted so far that it was unsafe for many lifeboats to be lowered, and passengers were forced to scale the ship's hull using rope ladders.

Most of the ship's 4,200 passengers made it to shore. Though 11 deaths have been reported and 20 passengers remain missing, according to the Telegraph.

Search crews had to suspend their search for missing passengers for a third time Friday morning after the ship shifted position off the coast of Giglio, BBC reports.

In the meantime, a Dutch company has been hired to pump fuel from the Costa Concordia, which could cause untold environmental damage if it leaks into the water.