01/20/2012 03:59 pm ET

Great Food Stories Of The Week (Last Call)

Every Friday afternoon, HuffPost Food rounds up some of the best food articles of the week. Start your weekend off with some quality food writing, and hopefully quality food as well! Think we missed something great? Let us know.

The Atlantic, The Failure of the FDA
Why we're still using antibiotics on livestock.

NPR, Drink Coffee? Off With Your Head!
Coffee consumption used to be a capital offense.

Washington Post, And That's Why We Test
There's a reason for recipe testing, ya know.

Grub Street, Ruth Reichl Feasts at Mission Chinese Food, Reveals Her Favorite Burrito in L.A.
Ruth Reichl, being... Ruth Reichl.

India Times, Jubilant FoodWorks CEO Ajay Kaul Speaks About The Challenges Of Running Domino's Amidst Consumer Slowdown Signs
That extra long headline pretty much says it all.

Denver Post, Savoring Simple Flavors In A World Of Choices
Food critic Tucker Shaw bids adieu.

Gourmet Live, Hunting For Sheep's Butt In Kurdistan
Excerpt: "I first tried the slap-my-butt-and-baa act..."

Business Week, How to Cook Like Alain Ducasse
Luxe stove maker Molteni supplies star chefs and Russian oligarchs.

Slate, ACI
Calvin Trillin offers a new way of measuring pretentiousness.

Bloomberg Businessweek, Ambergris, Treasure of the Deep
Now in cocktails: sperm whale excretion.

io9, The First Artificial Sweetener Poisoned Lots Of Romans
"Sugar of Lead" doesn't exactly sound tasty, either.

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