01/20/2012 05:46 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

John King Defended By Fox News' Chris Wallace And Neil Cavuto (VIDEO)

Fox News hosts defended CNN's John King on Friday for asking GOP candidate Newt Gingrich about the bombshell interview his ex-wife gave ABC before Thursday's Republican primary debate.

King started the debate by asking Gingrich if he would like to discuss the allegations his ex-wife made during the interview. Gingrich said he did not and blasted ABC for airing the interview days before the South Carolina primary. He also lashed out at CNN and John King for using what he called "trash" to open a presidential debate. King received a considerable amount of backlash from the debate audience.

On Friday's "Fox and Friends," Fox News' Chris Wallace defended King for asking Gingrich the question. Wallace told the "Fox and Friends" hosts that he would have "absolutely" opened the debate with the same question if he were the moderator.

"Our job isn't to be popular, our job is to ask what's on people's minds...I thought it was a legitimate first question to ask," Wallace said.

Later on Friday, Fox News host Neil Cavuto also defended King. Cavuto opened his show by telling his viewers that it was King's duty as debate moderator to ask Gingrich about his ex-wife's recent interview. Cavuto said, "Enough with making CNN's John King a villain for asking it, and Newt Gingrich a hero for effectively dodging it." Cavuto echoed Wallace's statement and said that he would have opened the debate with the same question.

Watch Wallace defending King in the first video, followed by Cavuto's remarks below.



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