01/20/2012 11:45 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kathy Griffin Strips For Letterman, Who Doesn't Understand Her Clothes (VIDEO)

Today, we awoke to the sun shining, birds chirping and a clip of Kathy Griffin stripping.

The redhead comedian with a tendency for disrobing stopped by "The Late Show" to chat with David Letterman and, well, take her clothes off.

Much as we'd like to be shocked by the sight of Kathy's bare bod, it's not something we (or anyone watching CNN's New Year's Eve special this year) hasn't seen before. What is more surprising is that Letterman has such trouble undressing and redressing Griffin.

Our favorite part: Letterman playing with the plastic ribbon used for keeping the dress on the hanger. "This is how you inflate the life raft?" asks the befuddled host. "What the hell is this?"

Second favorite part: Kathy admitting that it's a "rented dress." We knew we loved ya, Kathy.