01/20/2012 01:40 pm ET

LeBron James, Jeffery Loria Collision: Heat Stars Runs Into Marlins Owner (VIDEO)

If they haven't already met, two of the most important figures in Miami's exploding sports scene got acquainted at top speed on Thursday night.

During the second quarter of the Miami Heat's win over the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James attempted to save a ball going out of bounds and had his momentum carry him right into a patron with court side seats. Fortunately for both of them, James had enough body control to keep from completely taking the man out, which was probably for the best as the guy with the prime seats just so happened to be Miami Marlins owner Jeffery Loria.

Loria, who opened up the MLB free agent season with a remarkable spending spree, seemed to be unharmed and able to laugh off the incident.

James had a notable night beyond his unlikely confrontation, scoring 31 points (almost had a triple-double) while battling off flu symptoms en route to a 98-87 Heat victory.