01/20/2012 11:00 am ET

Managing Men: How To Divorce Your Work Husband

Oh the "Work Husband." It's a dubious title that I've never been quite comfortable with. After all, I've worked very closely with men at my office. My office neighbor, partner-in-crime, venting buddy and right-hand-man happens to be... a man. We talk about our families, our jobs, our customers. We make sure the other one remembered to take a lunch. I consider this co-worker and I to be very close, but I just don't know about this whole "Work Husband" label. After all, I have a real husband at home. I'm not sure how he would feel about my bestowing that honorable title on someone else. But no matter what you call it, there is one aspect of marriage that seems to hold true for both real life and the office, breaking up is hard to do. In fact, I would argue that divorcing your work husband can be just as emotional, uncomfortable and possibly expensive as ending an honest-to-goodness marital union.

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