01/20/2012 10:23 am ET Updated Jan 20, 2012

Myrl Serra, Former Montrose DA Sentenced To Minimum One Year Upsets Victims

The former Montrose District Attorney who pleaded guilty last October to criminal extortion and unlawful sexual contact received a sentence that has disappointed some of his victims.

Myrl Serra was facing a maximum of up to 12 years in prison, but only ended up receiving one year followed by an extradition to the Montrose County Jail for 60 days and then four years probation. Many of Serra's victims however, expressed their wishes that his punishment had been harsher.

Defense Attorney Colin Bresee told the Denver Post he thought the sentencing was fair.

"Myrl didn't ask for and he didn't receive any special treatment," Bresee said.

The sentencing came after one of Serra's victims testified that the whole ordeal had caused her "pain and sickness that I have no words to express."

According to an arrest affidavit, Serra had exposed himself to his female coworkers on numerous occasions in the office and used his position as their employer to try and extract sexual favors.

In court, the Grand Junction Sentinel reports that Serra was defiant-sounding and alleged that his interactions with the victims had been consensual at the time.

“Although seemingly encouraged by the victim at the time, I should have never have given them a foothold. I own my mistakes. I always have,” Serra told the courtroom.

Mesa County Chief District Judge David Bottger credited Serra with the 136 days he'd already spent in the Montrose County Jail, and gave him the minimum one-year sentencing, even though prosecutors were looking for eight.

Serra has been disbarred from practicing law, and must enroll in sex offender treatment.

In his defense statement written during the disbarment process however, Serra reportedly wrote, "P.S. — I didn't do any of these things."