01/20/2012 02:40 pm ET Updated Jan 20, 2012

Rob Lowe Talks Peyton Manning With Ellen After Twitter Controversy (VIDEO)

Of the terms that topped the Google Trends rankings this week, "Obama Sings Al Green" runs a distant second to "Rob Lowe Peyton Manning" in terms of sheer unlikeliness. After all, every public act of a president has the potential to go viral on the Internet or become a topic of conversation at the water cooler.

But Rob Lowe and Peyton Manning?

This was exactly the question being asked on Wednesday afternoon when Lowe tweeted that he inside information on the imminent retirement of the Indianapolis Colts' quarterback.

Given Manning's recent injury woes, the Colts' house cleaning and the looming presence of presumptive No. 1 draft pick Andrew Luck, it's not entirely outside the realm of possibility that he would retire. But the bad guy from "Tommy Boy" breaking the news instead of seasoned NFL scoop mavens Adam Schefter or Jay Glazer?

Totally unsure how to process both the information and the source, Twitter did what it does best -- made lots and lots of jokes. Eventually, Colts owner @JimIrsay even weighed in. On Friday, the star of "Parks And Recreation" appeared on "Ellen" and talked about that time he nearly exploded the Internet.


After attempting to convince the viewers that he is "like a guy, a regular guy," Lowe does not recant his statement or reveal his source. Pressed by Ellen, he reiterates his hopes that Manning isn't retiring and let's the host know that he'd have to kill her if he told her what he really knows. Due to an upcoming birthday, she declined being murdered. Wise choice.

Lowe wasn't the only answering questions about his tweets. Irsay appeared on ESPN and also answered questions about his relationship with Lowe and Manning's status. For what it's worth, Irsay also doesn't entirely rule out the possibility that Manning could call it quits.