01/20/2012 04:12 pm ET Updated Jan 20, 2012

Ryan Garcia, Sales Rep From Chicago, Pledges 366 Random Acts Of Kindness In 2012 (VIDEO)

One man is singlehandedly making the Windy City -- and beyond -- a whole lot warmer.

Ryan Garcia, a 30-year-old sales rep in Chicago, has pledged to do a random act of kindness all 366 days of this leap year, WLS reports.

Garcia tells the station he hopes to inspire his young daughter.

"It was a New Year's resolution. I have a newborn daughter who is 4-months-old, and I just want to set a great example for her."

So far, Garcia has given back by sending a letter to a solider Afghanistan, raising awareness for a cancer patient and more.

On Day 14, he blogged about buying socks, gloves, deodorant and other items at Costco. He then hand-delivered them to some of the 6,000 homeless people in Chicago.

"I almost lost it when I man said to me, 'I was praying that something positive would happen to me. I just knew it would happen,'" Garcia wrote.

On Day 10, he committed himself to complimenting 25 strangers.

"So I definitely received my fair share of weird looks, but most people were very appreciative," he blogged.

Garcia's garnered an international following and has received phone calls, emails and social media outreach since beginning his mission, according to CBS Chicago.

“There are people who are following in 18 different countries,” he said. “The feeling and the warmth I’ve gotten back has just made it great for me.”

With a long stretch ahead, Garcia is hoping people can offer ideas and inspiration for spreading the love. Check out his blog and send him ideas at