'The Big Bang Theory' 100th Episode: Penny And Leonard 2.0 Software Defined (VIDEO)

In a bold moment that probably surprised him more than the girls, Leonard abruptly walked over to Penny's open apartment door and asked her out on a date. It was the 100th episode of "The Big Bang Theory" (Thu., 8 p.m. EST on CBS), and that apparently meant it was time to re-explore the idea of putting the male and female lead together romantically.

Unfortunately, too much history took the date from awkward to downright unpleasant. Which made the subsequent phone call from Penny in the middle of the night even more unusual. Leonard was accused of thinking too much, so Penny advised him to not overthink this as she led him to their bedroom.

Since they weren't sure what all of this mean, a plan was hatched to explore a sort of new relationship, but in a beta format that only the two of them would know about it. Leonard dubbed it "Penny and Leonard 2.0," and said that to their friends they would just say they'd decided to stay as friends after that bad date.

But Leonard took the pretending too far, and upset Penny again. It's hard to pretend one thing and try to live something else. But then, because this is a show about big brains, viewers got a twist to keep them on their mental toes. It was a risky change of format for the traditional sitcom, but one the cast and creators thought worthy of tackling.

Everything they'd just seen was Leonard overthinking what would happen if he walked over to Penny's open apartment door and asked her out on a date.

He did it anyway, even though it seemed to go badly in every scenario he ran, and events started to play out in a very similar fashion, with a few key changes. Was this now reality, or was this just the beginning of Penny overthinking what would happen if she said yes to Leonoard asking her out on a date -- after a very severe overthink that saw her pregnant at their wedding.

"The Big Bang Theory" gets started on its next 100 episodes every Thursday night at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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