01/21/2012 12:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Johnny Depp In 1988 Talks 'Strange' Fame, Fans (VIDEO)

Johnny Depp is America's favorite movie star, according to a new poll released earlier this week. By now, the popularity is par for the course for the eccentric, Oscar-nominated "Pirates" actor, what with his tabloid life and red carpet bows, but he didn't always find fame such a familiar experience.

In this 1988 interview with Entertainment Tonight -- his first with the show -- Depp, who was a 25-year old starring on "21 Jump Street," ruminates on the "strange" venture of being a star in Hollywood.

"You don't expect people to be there, waiting for you, it's very new to me," he says of walking the red carpet. "I'm dealing with it the best way i know how, which is right now, I try to meet as many people as I can and when a situation like they have downstairs with all the kids, I try to sign as many things as I can, I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings or make them feel like I don't have time. But it's very strange time because they're saying, 'Please sign this, please sign this,' and then I have these guard guys pulling me, saying, C'mon, we got to go, we got to go,' so it's a little strange to be in that situation."