01/21/2012 08:02 am ET

Mike Kravinsky and 'The Nextnik': Comic Web Series On Second Acts

Meet Larry Zimmerman, a 55-year-old executive who has been with the same company for 25 years. Without warning, Larry is fired from his job and is left contemplating his career options as an unemployed midlifer. Lamenting that employers "don't want to pay for experience" and realizing that the creativity had dissipated from his job anyway, Larry decides to take a leap and start over.

Created by Mike Kravinsky -- a former video editor and technical director at ABC News, DC -- "The Nextnik" is a comedy that focuses on reinvention post 50. Kravinsky knows a thing or two about midlife reinvention; he left his 29-year career to pursue his second act in dramatic film-making.

Watch part one of the web series below, and check back for future episodes to follow Larry's reinvention and to enjoy some laughs.