01/22/2012 11:29 am ET Updated Jan 22, 2012

Animal Photos Of The Week

A Seattle woman got a surprise this week when an Arctic ribbon seal was found on her dock. Although they spend most of their lives in water, the seals are rarely seen so far south.

An even more bizarre story surfaced in Massachusetts this week. A man voluntary surrendered 94 hamsters that he had been keeping at his house. He originally purchased only two animals, but their rapid breeding habits left his house filled with hamsters. Fortunately, officials found that all of the hamsters were in good health.

For those out there who have trouble using some of the latest smartphones and tablets, check out this video of animals playing with them.

If you are technologically savvy, you may want to check out Expedition White Shark, a new iOS app that lets you track great white sharks.

It was revealed this week that the cat in Houston nicknamed Cupid will be making a full recovery after he was shot in the shoulder by an arrow.

Check out some of the coolest, funniest and wildest animals photos that made the news this week, and vote for your favorites.