01/22/2012 10:58 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2012

Atkins Family Saved By Strangers After Plane Crash

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A Richardson, Tex. family was pulled to safety by bystanders after their plane crashed into the ocean off the coast of a small Caribbean island near Honduras.

"We lost an engine, is what I was told, and we crashed into the ocean and flipped over and were stuck underwater," Andy Atkins told NBCDFW.

Atkins was helped to the surface by the plane's pilot but his family, including his wife Jenny and their 4-year-old son Logan, were still missing. That's when strangers in a nearby boat jumped in to help rescue the others.

"It reaffirms your faith in people and humanity," said Atkins according to The Daily Mail.

The story is somewhat reminiscent of a report from the Associated Press earlier this month of a Utah family that was saved by bystanders after their car skidded off the road and plunged into the Logan River.

And late last year KSL reported that strangers worked together to free a motorcyclist in Logan, Utah who was trapped underneath a burning car.