01/22/2012 09:23 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Wolf Blitzer Corrects Piers Morgan On John King (VIDEO)

CNN's Wolf Blitzer corrected his colleague Piers Morgan during the network's coverage of the South Carolina primary on Saturday night. Blitzer stopped Morgan after the interviewer used what he referred to as imprecise language about their colleague John King.

After GOP candidate Newt Gingrich was announced the winner of the South Carolina primary, Morgan interviewed the candidate's daughters on their father's recent win. "Your father, he likes nothing better than when everyone's attacking him. Whether it's his ex-wife, whether it's John King my colleague—quite rightly taking him on—or whether it's Mitt Romney, or whoever it is. Your dad likes it when the bullets are firing at him," Morgan said to Gingrich's daughters. Morgan was referring to King's opening question at Thursday's Republican primary debate, in which the CNN anchor asked Gingrich about recent allegations made by the candidate's ex-wife.

When Morgan tossed the segment back to Blitzer in the CNN Election Center, Blitzer said that he would like to make one correction. "I know what you meant but your wording was imprecise when you said that John King attacked Newt Gingrich. He didn't attack Newt Gingrich..." Blitzer said.

Morgan backtracked and said that he thought it was "a very valid journalistic question," and was "not an attack."



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