01/23/2012 09:18 am ET

'Cain Time Live': Mike Tyson Reprises Herman Cain For Funny Or Die (VIDEO)

The presidential "Cain Train" may have derailed last December, but in comedy's eyes, Herman Cain is still the frontrunner.

And it's not just Stephen Colbert who's been keeping Cain in the comedic spotlight. Funny Or Die had the brilliant idea to get Mike Tyson to play Cain while he was running, and now they've brought him back for a post-campaign Fox News-style talk show, "Cain Time Live."

From what we can understand (and we literally couldn't understand much) "Cain Time Live" or "The O'Cain Factor" is a non-stop truth party where no lies are invited. Sorry, lies.

We're not sure if this "show" will be recurring, but there is a Twitter account (@CainTimeLive) so who KNOWS what could happen.