01/23/2012 08:40 am ET

'Californication': Hank Tries To Do The Right Thing With His Daughter's Boyfriend (VIDEO)

Hank Moody isn't in line for any father of the year awards on "Californication" (Sun., 10 p.m. EST on Showtime).

As the father of a daughter, however, he knows the worst that men can offer because he's usually the one to offer it. So he recognized a lot of himself in Becca's new boyfriend, right down to the arrogant self-righteousness. His new reluctant rapper friend may have put the kid in the hospital last week to "help," but it was up to Hank to really address the real problem.

Hank caught the guy cheating on Becca, and the guy didn't care at all. Instead, he told Hank he'd better stay out of it or Becca will hate him even more. So Hank appealed to the human being in him while he was recovering from his beating. He certainly kept that level of threat there and told him to be honest with Becca about what a cheating piece of garbage he was.

To the guy's credit, he repeated verbatim the string of insults Hank slung at him when he broke it off with Becca. So in this one instance, Hank didn't have to be the bad guy, and he was able to protect his baby girl from someone who was just like himself, and then console her as a father should.

Of course, he also slept with his new rapper buddie's girlfriend one more time. And now that he's delayed his flight back to New York, he may still be around to face the repercussions of that bad decision. This is Hank Moody after all. Things don't go smoothly for him. Ever.

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