01/23/2012 10:18 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Charlotte Ronson And Scott Lipps Dress Dani Stahl For A Date (VIDEO)

If any actor is connected to Kevin Bacon in less than six degrees of separation, anyone in the fashion industry must be connected to Scott Lipps in less than three. Case in point:

In our latest video, Scott, owner of One Management, heads over to his friend Dani Stahl's Upper East Side apartment for some popcorn, fashion and conversation. Oh, did we mention that Dani is the style editor-at-large of Nylon Magazine and stars alongside Scott in E's new show "Scouted"? Small world.

Then, throw fashion designer and it-girl Charlotte Ronson into the mix. "We went to lower school together," Charlotte explained of her relationship with Dani, "we've known each other since first grade. Hewitt on 76th, right around the corner."

"The first thing I remember," Dani recalls,"is Charlotte and her twin sister Samantha on their first day of school looked so much alike. The only way you could tell them apart was that Charlotte had red shoes and Sam had blue shoes." Laughing, "Obviously their shoes is something I am going to remember."

After Charlotte graduated from Nightingale and Dani from Chapin, the two fashionistas ended up attending NYU. In case you need proof, Dani had a surprise for Charlotte: a photo of the young designer with her sister from their days at NYU. "It was for a photo project that I did with Charlotte and her sister Samantha," Dani explains, "I did a whole series of these amazing photos but I just forgot about the key reason why we did them..."

"It's from Halloween, I was roller girl!" Charlotte exclaimed.

What other surprises did the three stylish New Yorkers have in store? For a starter, Charlotte and Scott dress Dani for a date in some key Charlotte Ronson pieces, but you'll have to watch to find out the rest.

Text: Sarah Leon. Video Producer/Shooter: Annie Carroll. Shooter: Ryan Simmons. Photos: Bobby Doherty.


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