01/23/2012 04:31 pm ET

Chris Harrison, 'The Bachelor' Host: Canadian Women Aren't Nicer

You've probably heard the big news by now. Yep, "The Bachelor" is coming to Canada this fall. It's about time, too! After 10 years of watching the American version, we're finally getting a 100 percent Canadian show. Producers are busy looking for the perfect Canadian bachelor, the perfect Canadian host, and, of course, the perfect Canadian contestants.

We caught up with "Bachelor" vet Chris Harrison to find out everything there is to know about "The Bachelor Canada" -- including why he won't be hosting. He dishes on everything from potential train wrecks to the perfect bachelor to why you should keep your eyes peeled for an appearance by him. (Hint: It might be stealthy!)

I just heard that you won't be hosting the Canadian version...
I know! Can you believe that? That is a travesty. It is a wrong that needs to be righted.

How are they going to find a Canadian you?
They won't! No, in all seriousness, I couldn't do it, logistically. We're shooting "Bachelorette" and "Bachelor Pad" consecutively this spring and summer, so there's no way I could pull it off. But [producer] Sean [DeVries] and I have been talking about how somewhere, some way, I can make an appearance. I have no idea why, how, where or when, but somehow I'm gonna stick my head in there.

Have you talked about any potential scenarios about how that might work?
I don't know. Maybe I'll just show up in a hot tub! It's got to be awkward, cuz that's my style. Maybe I'll just walk by a date and go "Hey guys, how you doing?" Over a fruit tray! But no, the reason I'm here and the reason I want to be a part of it is because the Canadian fans and the viewers have been so good to us. When I arrived in Toronto yesterday I was mobbed by fans just talking about the show, and I love it!

What are people saying to you when they stop you?
Just what a great host I am! [Laughs] No, the great thing about the show is these are real people who have gone through real situations. People really just want to know the nuts and bolts like: Is Ben in love, where are these girls from, are Trista and Ryan still together. It really runs the gamut.

Do you have all the answers?
Of course I do!

How will it be different from the US show?
It's interesting. It's not like the US version tries to be uniquely American, it just is. The people we have on the show, the places we go, the back stories. You look at Ben and it's uniquely Sonoma and San Francisco and he's a winemaker and you have those iconic shots around America when you go to the hometowns. "The Bachelor Canada" will be uniquely Canadian in and of itself because you're going to have a 100 percent Canadian cast, you're going to use Canada as a backdrop, you'll be going to all of those iconic places around Canada from coast-to-coast.

Do you think the Canadian girls will be nicer?
No! Here's the thing about the show. You're going to have 25 women, and they're all fighting for one guy. They haven't cast the Canadian bachelor yet, but I promise you he'll be great-looking and successful and awesome in every way, so you're going to have that competitiveness between the ladies. They're going to be fighting for this one guy. It will be dramatic. There will be tears. I'm telling you! I just know when you get that many people and you put them in this situation, that's why the show works.

What do you think they're looking for in the Canadian bachelor? Will he be a hockey star or something along those lines?
You can't ever go into it looking for a type. You're looking for a guy who is, first and foremost, sincere. He also has to be honestly looking for a relationship. If you don't have that, your show is off the rails before it starts. And whether he's a hockey player or a doctor or a lawyer, whatever, it really doesn't matter. He will be an attractive catch.

What are some red flags of people who are just there to be on TV?
You will get that element on "The Bachelor Canada." I promise you that you're not going to get 100 percent of your cast that will be there for the right reasons. But that's life and that's the great part about the show -- as far as the American version goes, anyway. We don't really shy away from models and actresses because a) maybe they are sincere because they need love, too and b) maybe they're not, but that's up to the Bachelor to figure out. Maybe the most stunningly beautiful woman that's coming on the show is an actress that just wants to use and abuse your Bachelor and your show and promote herself. Well that's up to him to figure that out and get rid of her. That's his prerogative. Or he gets eaten alive by her, and you watch that train wreck happen!

Why do you think Canadians love "The Bachelor" so much?
They're just smart people! [Laughs] I think for the same reason that Americans love it so much. It represents that one thing that everybody is looking for in life, that love and relationship.

Do you know if there's gonna be a fancy mansion?
There's gotta be! There's got to be a mansion and there's got to be a hot tub. That's in the contract.

"The Bachelor Canada" will premiere in Fall 2012 on CityTV.