01/24/2012 02:54 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

CustomMade Curator: Wine Barrel Folding Chair

Folding chairs have gone out of style recently, mainly due to the horrid neon yellow image they conjure up. But, we're thrilled that CustomMade artisan Whit McLeod of Whit McLeod Furniture decided to revisit (and revamp!) the versatile seat, especially since he did it using wine barrels.

Photo by CustomMade artisan Whit McLeod Furniture

Yes, you heard us correctly. This folding chair, chic and stylish as it is, was crafted from discarded wine barrels. The arched panels naturally fit the curve of human back for added comfort and the reclaimed wood is both sturdy and strong. And what we like most about this wine barrel seat is that it hints at the silhouette of an Adirondack chair but is far less bulky, making for easy toting and storage.

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