01/23/2012 02:46 pm ET Updated Jan 26, 2012

Greg Kelly Vs. Joel McHale: 'GDNY' Host Tells 'Community' Star That He's No Fan Of Joel McHale (VIDEO)

With "Community" on hiatus until spring after NBC left the cult favorite off its midseason schedule, Yvette Nicole Brown, who plays Shirley Bennett on the show, stopped by "Good Day NY" to keep the series fresh in fans' minds. But her interview took a turn for the awkward when "GDNY" host Greg Kelly's animus toward Brown's co-star, and host of "The Soup," Joel McHale, took center stage.

Before McHale became the topic of conversation, Brown answered a few questions about her character, and the way they shoot "Community." "My character always believes she's the smartest person in the room," Brown said of Shirley. She added that they do get to do some improv on set. "We always get to do at least one pass of foolishness at the end of each take. We get to go bananas, and we do," Brown explained.

Rosanna Scotto then brought up the elephant in the room, the fact that Brown's co-star Joel McHale, in his other gig as the host of "The Soup," revels in mercilessly ripping on her co-host Greg Kelly. "Joel McHale goes after him constantly on 'The Soup,'" Scotto said, before cutting to a clip of Kelly's McHale Halloween costume, impersonating his rival.

After the clip ended, Brown complimented Kelly on his impression, but he seemed a little upset. "Well, I hate talking about that guy," he joked. "Really? You talked about him like five times! I think you love it," Brown countered.

Kelly ended the interview with a sign off that let his bruised ego shine through. "Well, Yvette, don't give him my best, but we wish you our very best," he quipped.

We looking forward to seeing this segment mocked on "The Soup" very soon.

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