01/23/2012 09:30 am ET

Megan Fox, Mike Tyson In Brazilian CCAA Commercial

Thinking of learning English? Megan Fox will talk you into it.

In an ad for the Brazilian-based language school CCAA shot in Oxnard, California, Megan Fox greets two non-English speaking guys who get washed up on a distant island with the words, "Welcome to Megan Fox Island."

As the scantily clad Megan Foxes begin to multiply, the guys think it can't get any better -- until Mike Tyson shows up and menacingly says, "Welcome to Mike Tyson Island!"

Now that's a marketing slogan.

In addition to her marketing campaign appearance, Megan Fox is in Friends With Kids (out in March), "This Is 40" (December), and is in talks to play Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime biopic "Liz And Dick."