01/23/2012 04:42 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2012

'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills': Lisa Vanderpump Prepares For Daughter Pandora's Wedding Day (VIDEO)

Even the richest families in the world can't escape pre-wedding stress. Take Beverly Hills "housewife" Lisa Vanderpump, for instance: She's in the throes of planning her daughter's wedding and definitely feeling the crunch.

In this sneak peek from the season finale of "Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills," which airs Monday, Lisa heads the charge on her daughter Pandora's wedding preparations, keeping up with the little details and trying to keep it together the day before the big wedding. But Lisa's husband Ken is offering little support.

While the bride-to-be and her cousin are scrambling to finish custom wine labels for the guests, Lisa tries to get Ken to move things along for their daughter's nuptials. "Darling, I need you to help me," she says to him. "Your daughter is getting married, come on."

Lisa seems to be the only one stressing over the nuptials: "I feel the pressure," says Lisa. "This has to be the best day of all of our lives, and I feel everything is in a complete muddle."

See what happens next on the season finale of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Monday, Jan. 23 at 9 PM EST on Bravo.