01/23/2012 08:29 pm ET Updated Jan 24, 2012

Ross Mirkaimi, Embattled San Francisco Sheriff, Now Facing New Domestic Violence Allegations

Things just keep getting worse for Ross Mirkarimi.

San Francisco's newly elected Sheriff is now facing a second domestic abuse complaint--this time from ex-girlfriend Christina Flores, who filed a police report this week stemming from a series of incidents during their 2007-2008 relationship.

Mirkarimi is already being charged with three misdemeanor counts of domestic violence battery, child endangerment and dissuading a witness based on a New Year's Eve altercation with his wife, former Venezuelan telenovela star Eliana Lopez.

In her complaint, Flores alleged that, in at least once incident, Mirkarimi grabbed her and pinned her against the wall during a heated argument leaving a visible bruise.

Flores told police that she came forward now because she was worried for Lopez and wanted to alert authorities about Mirkarimi's history of violence toward women, particularly in light of Lopez's vehement denial of any wrongdoing on the part of Mirkarimi.

"The reason I decided to talk now, now it's involving a woman recanting something I know he is capable of," Flores told SF Weekly in an exclusive interview. "He's like a pit bull. He snaps, and he gets mad, and he goes right for the jugular."

"I believe he's going to dig his own grave, which is fine. But you don't take another woman down with you," added Flores.

He has pleaded not guilty to all charges and appears to have no intention of either permanently stepping down or taking a temporary leave of absence from his position overseeing the city's prison system.

"The real travesty here is what the courts and the press are doing, saying that a person is guilty when they're innocent," Mirkarimi supporter and friend Kary McElroy told Fog City Journal at the sheriff's arraignment last week. "I absolutely believe it's politically motivated, because Ross is standing for the people, the disenfranchised, and the power brokers of this city want to eliminate all liberals and make this for the rich only."

Mayor Ed Lee has the power to temporarily suspend Mirkarimi but, at present, has seemed reluctant to do so.

Mirkarimi's trial is set to begin on February 24th.

In similar (albeit unrelated) news, San Francisco Assistant District Attorney Sanaz Nikaein has been placed on administrative leave after her recent arrest on domestic violence charges.