01/23/2012 03:19 pm ET Updated Jan 27, 2012

'Sleepwalk With Me' Movie Clip Shows Mike Birbiglia's Accident-Prone Night (VIDEO)

"Sleepwalk with Me" has had quite a ride. Comedian and cuddly puppy Mike Birbiglia has been discussing his sleepwalking affliction in his act for years, and his stories eventually turned into a segment on the radio program "This American Life." It was so popular, it spawned an off-Broadway one-man show, and was later adapted into a successful humor/memoir book.

This week, the film version of "Sleepwalk with Me" debuts at Sundance Film Festival. The film version, which was directed by Birbiglia and written by the comic and "This American Life" host Ira Glass, will premiere Monday evening.

Check out above for a clip from the film, which portrays Birbiglia (who plays himself, of course) going in between dreamland and real, non-R.E.M. land, where accidents are significantly more frequent.