01/24/2012 04:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Aubrey Plaza's Murderous Plans Involving Ryan Gosling

There are hoards of women who would like to see Ryan Gosling's current girlfriend out of the picture and actress Aubrey Plaza is one of them.

Vulture caught up with the 27-year-old "Parks and Recreations" star at the Sundance Film Festival where she's promoting her new film "Safety Not Guaranteed," and she relayed her murderous plot.

Plaza told the website, she in fact has heard from (Oscar snubbed) Ryan Gosling since she embarrassingly failed to recognize him at a juice bar last year.

"I actually did hear from him one time. He invited me to a magic show through someone else, and I couldn't go because I had to go to this charity thing for Amy [Poehler], and it was like "bros before hos," or "hos before bros," however that phrase goes," she said.

"So, yeah, I don't know what's in store for me and him. I think he has a girlfriend, but maybe I'll like murder her someday and we'll be together forever."

We're not saying Eva Mendes should hire a couple more bodyguards or anything, but she's probably well aware of how many Gosling admirers would kill to take her place.

Plaza's disaffected and sarcastic comment is a perfect example of her brand of humor, which she recently showcased in a commercial for the game "World of Warcraft."

"I was never a diehard fan, but I'm really into dragons and elves and wizards and magical, dorky hag-things," she told Vulture, adding that she had hesitations at first, but ultimately decided it was "kind of awesome."

"I would never do a commercial for something that is embarrassing, and I think that people maybe hava different perspective on what is embarrassing or not. Some people think doing a Revlon hair commercial is really cool. To me, that's embarrassing, but World of Warcraft; not embarrassing, very cool," she explained.

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