01/24/2012 07:46 am ET

'Cake Boss: Next Great Baker': A Cake For Miss USA (VIDEO)

Buddy Valastro knows how important it is to please his clients and so he decided to give the contestants on "Cake Boss: Next Great Baker" (Mon., 9 p.m. EST on TLC) a master class on interviewing a client.

The client for this challenge was none other than Miss USA -- and proud Jersey girl -- Alyssa Campanella. Their challenge was to create a beautiful cake that celebrated her and the things she loves. Although she doesn't look like she eats a lot of cake, she assured the contestants that, "I do like to cook."

At the end of the ten-hour challenge, pageant fan Chad and Ryan -- who have both thrown each other under the bus in previous episodes -- had produced the lowest-scoring cakes, and they were both facing a trip to the box truck.

When asked to critique his opponent's creation, Chad said his elaborately decorated cake was streets ahead of Ryan's, and criticized his rival's lack of piping and detail. Then Ryan accused Chad of playing it safe with just one stacked cake. Ryan, on the other hand, had produced several cakes that made reference to Alyssa's lifestyle and interests.

Buddy's verdict was that Chad had produced a great-looking cake that didn't meet the client's brief, while Ryan's cake met the brief but wasn't beautiful enough. So, who took the one-way trip out to the box truck? In the end, it was time for Chad to leave.

Follow the race to the title on "Cake Boss: Next Great Baker," Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.

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