01/24/2012 09:39 am ET

Cochon 555 NYC: The Beauty of Pork From Five Different Chefs (PHOTOS)

On Sunday afternoon, Cochon 555, a nationwide festival designed to raise awareness about the pleasures of heirloom breeds of pig, kicked off its fourth season with an orgy of pork, wine, cheese and beer. In advance of the event, organizers gave an heirloom pig to each of five chefs, all heads of pork-centric New York restaurants. They broke down the pigs and concocted dazzling inventive dishes that would showcase the meat.

Hundreds of gourmands, swinophiles and food industry folk gathered in an event space overlooking Manhattan's West River to eat the results throughout the evening, while guzzling wine from five different producers. Immediately before they arrived, the chefs' food was also critiqued by a panel of celebrity judges. They named rising star Marc Forgione the winner.

Here are some beautifully porky photos from this year's Cochon 555 NYC:

Cochon 555