01/24/2012 10:38 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Gravity, Un Reve De Demain': Filip Piskorzynski's Short Film About A Weightless Woman (VIDEO)

Most directors wouldn't want their creations to lack gravity, but that's one way to describe Filip Piskorizynski's trippy "Gravity: Un Reve De Demain," or in English, "a dream of the future." In the stop-motion fantasy, a woman (played by Natalia Dufraisse) wakes on an empty beach to find she's weightless. She makes the most of it over the course of a seriously magical day, but like with all highs, there's a come down.

Piskorizynski writes that the surreal storyline emerged after filming was completed in a variety of cool-sounding places. Kudos to Dufraisse for pulling off what must have been a lot of jumps, so we could see a favorite dream come to life.


GRAVITY // UN RÊVE DE DEMAIN from Filip Piskorzynski on Vimeo.