01/24/2012 06:28 pm ET

'The View': Joan & Melissa Rivers Derail Segment With Porn And Vagina Jokes (VIDEO)

Hearing Barbara Walters scream out, "I will not have two vaginas!" is not something that the audience of "The View" get to hear every day, but that's exactly what happened when Joan and Melissa Rivers stopped by "The View" (weekdays on ABC) on Tuesday.

Walters introduced the ladies' new show "Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best?" and played a clip, but soon after the pair sat down, Joy Behar said to them, "The only problem with you two is that you both have two vaginas, correct?" The ladies immediately started trying to excitedly one-up each other with vagina jokes, and at one point Behar was muted by "View" producers.

It was only later that Elisabeth Hasselbeck clued the audience in to what everyone was talking about. Melissa's new boyfriend, Steve Hirsch, the founder of the adult entertainment company Vivid, found a doubly-endowed woman and made her a $1 million offer to appear in one of his films. The ladies had apparently discussed the story off-stage, but agreed not to bring it up on camera. But in the company of the Rivers ladies, Behar just couldn't help but take it there.

Melissa took the gag even further, joking that Behar and her mother had appeared in a porno film together. Behar ran with it. "It was very interesting," she joked, "but you insisted on being on top all the time, Joan!" At that point, Walters nearly fainted.

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