01/25/2012 08:48 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Minjeong An Breaks Life Down Into Technical Terms

Minjeong An's website gives you scant information about her, but the Korean artist's incredibly detailed diagrams provide everything you would ever want to know. Through a labor-intensive process, the artist systematically deconstructs memories, experiences, feelings and her own body, beautifully illustrating them with her intricate graphs and layouts.

Inspirations for each piece differ, but the meticulous approach that An takes stays constant. In reference to her self-portrait, she writes on her website: "Technically speaking, I first measure each body part, including the length, distance and angle, and then transfer the measured dimensions onto the paper." She continues, "In the process, even small moles, scars and pimples on the skin are carefully observed and translated into symbols." Normally we try to hide our quirky imperfections, but An not only makes them a part of her work, she draws them to scale!

An tackles issues of everyday life, such as the role of family and our emotional states, but the way she tackles the subject matter head-on brings new meaning to the phrase 'art therapy.' When hearing about the work, one may feel that the artist's experiences are becoming less human through their technical interpretation. On the contrary, An conveys an inherent thoughtfulness that works to make the diagrams more human, causing us to rethink such foolish ideas. View a slideshow of Minjeong An's incredible work (and sharp wit) below.

Minjeong An