01/24/2012 09:39 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rachel Maddow: Anti-Abortion Movement Has Taken Over Republican Primary (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow discussed GOP candidate Rick Santorum and the op-ed he penned for the Wall Street Journal during her MSNBC show on Monday.

Santorum authored an op-ed that ran in Monday's Wall Street Journal that criticized Republican candidate Newt Gingrich for "not prioritizing social conservative issues" like abortion. Santorum wrote that he has dedicated his life to the cause of fighting against abortion rights.

"Right...if anybody knows anything about Rick Santorum, it's the man-on-dog thing, and it's also the abortion issue," Maddow said. "That's what your whole reputation boils down to, Senator. The central challenge of your candidacy is to broaden your appeal beyond those issues, to convince people that you can speak to some other issues besides just being really anti-gay and really anti-abortion."

Maddow highlighted that Santorum has been consistently "locking up" the anti-abortion vote during the Republican primaries thus far. She then called Santorum's decision to write an op-ed about the number one issue he was known for as "strategically strange."

"Dude you are already winning the anti-abortion primary," Maddow said, speaking directly to Santorum. "What you're supposed to be trying to win is the race for the Republican nomination."

Maddow then said that, according to her, the Republican primary has been taken over by the anti-abortion movement. Therefore, according to Maddow, the Republican primary has turned into what she called the "anti-abortion primary."


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