01/24/2012 06:04 pm ET

State Of The Union: How To Watch It Live Online

According to the official White House Twitter feed, "President Obama will lay out a blueprint for an economy that's built to last" during Tuesday night's State Of The Union address, which is President Obama's third since taking office in 2009.

The broadcast, which is set to begin at 9 p.m. EST, will be streamed live on several websites, which are offering perks that even your local TV station doesn't have. Thanks to an attempt to take advantage of social media features, the president will be answering your questions in the days following the speech. Read on to see when and where to post your questions and how to watch the address live.


The speech will stream on The White House's own YouTube channel. This is also where to go if there's been something you have been meaning to ask the president, who will be answering the top voted questions on January 30 during a live interview from the West Wing that will be streamed on YouTube. As of this writing almost 50,000 questions have been submitted.

A few lucky questioners will even be invited to join the president in a Google+ hangout that plans to host during the interview. The submission deadline is January 28 at midnight EST.


Question and answer site Quora wrote in a blog post on Monday that a live-stream of the address would be available on a Quora page specially created for the event. Obama's not playing favorites with his question answering either. The president will be answering questions from Quora users that are related to economic and domestic policies. The deadline to submit a question is Wednesday at 5 p.m. PT. However the earlier you get it in the better, since questions will be chosen on the basis of which have the most follows.

The White House

The White House will also be broadcasting the State Of The Union on its own site. Two versions will be streamed, an enhanced one that includes "charts, stats and data that helped inform President Obama's policy decisions," and a speech only version for viewers with a slower internet connections. Interestingly, according to PC magazine, during last year's State Of The Union, Obama vowed that within the next five years 98 percent of Americans would have high-speed internet.

According to a White House press release, it will also be sharing the live video through Facebook, Google+, and The White House Live App.

The White House site is the only one offering the chance for Americans to share their views with policy makers right after the speech, when a panel of senior advisors will be on hand to answer questions. Submit your questions on Facebook, Google+, Twitter (use the hashtags #WHchat or #SOTU) or on The White House's own question submission page.