01/24/2012 03:15 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Style Ledger Launches A Video Series About Independent Retailers (VIDEO)

Style Ledger, a web site focusing on men's fashion and design news, launched a new video series highlighting independent retailers and businesses in America. According to an article in The Atlantic, producer Brett Fahlgran, the editor of Style Ledger, says the goal "is to promote and highlight people who are genuine and have a skill that others might learn from...It's all about authenticity and at its simplest: what we find compelling."

This first episode takes viewers to 'Modern Anthology,' a boutique in Brooklyn with a focus on menswear and home decor. The owners, John Marsala and Becka Citron, discuss how they choose items and what makes their shop unique, especially when competing against the bigger branded retailers. The conversation is both insightful and entertaining, providing both a male and female perspective on the updated ideas of the man cave and elegant male decor. And we doubly appreciate the simple video for its down-to-earth approach and rejection of over-the-top special effects.

In a time when small shops seem to have fallen by the wayside, these straightforward behind-the-scenes videos spotlighting creative minds and great design are just what we need.

To watch the next video in the series, a profile of a menswear factory in Brooklyn, visit Style Ledger. And, for the full article and interview with Brett Fahlgren, visit The Atlantic.