01/24/2012 05:04 pm ET

The 10 Most Expensive Colleges

How much is too much to pay for college?

US News and World Report recently named the 10 most expensive private colleges. Columbia University topped the list with New York's Vassar College coming in second.

Getting vicariously depressed for the student body of Columbia? Hold your horses! It is not all financial doom and gloom for the students of these schools.

The Report has more:

Although that average cost is more than seven times the average cost of the 10 least expensive private schools, overall, students from these 10 pricier schools seemed to fare reasonably well, financially. Eight of the 10 most expensive private schools provided student indebtedness data to U.S. News, and of those schools, an average of 46 percent of 2010 graduates borrowed money from either the college itself, the government, or financial institutions. This percentage is notably lower than the overall average of 68 percent, which accounts for the 1,028 public and private schools that submitted indebtedness data to U.S. News.

Check out our slide show of the 10 most expensive private colleges. Then tell us, are these schools too expensive Weigh in below!

The 10 Most Expensive Colleges